Sunday, January 3, 2010


I made it through week 6. Friday marked week 7 for "Lil Bit" and I hope its a little better than last week, especially since my mom has to go back to work and cant take care of me anymore during the day. (she's the greatest!) I actually lost 2 pounds this week due to eating no more than peanut butter and crackers along with ginger ale. However, I feel like I gained 5 because I'm so bloated. Gross huh! I would be more proud that I haven't thrown up yet if I didn't wish for it most days. So, no, I haven't thrown up yet. But, yes, sometimes I wish I would just do it and feel better. Next Monday is the doctors appointment and Im pretty nervous about it. OBGYN visits have never made my "YEAH!" list.
With all the complaining I forgot to brag about my Christmas. I really only got one present from everyone and then another one from my sister. I pooled everyone's money together and got some beautiful diamond stud earrings. I've been wanting some for a while and I love them! I'll post pics later. Don't have any right now.
Jared and I are officially starting up with food storage. Pretty exciting I guess. We just felt with the baby coming its time to get serious about it. Also, we start Seminary next Monday. AND are both giving a talk in church next Sunday. So we have a busy week ahead of us preparing, ect. Jared has been so great in helping me feel better. He is even planning the first few seminary lessons since I feel awful. He's a great husband and I love him dearly.

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