Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 10

Had a small setback this week. I threw up for the first time. Brushing my teeth in the morning. I hate toothpaste. I felt fine afterwards and haven't done it since but I was really bummed about it.
So other than sleeping a lot and trying to eat more so that I can gain the weight I need to, not much else has changed. The specialist I was supposed to see on Tuesday had to cancel that appointment so my next doctor visit is February 8th.
This week the babies will grow to the size of a small plum. So Im pretty sure I will start to show this around this week, maybe next. The eyelids are formed and the eyes are closed now. Also, the end of this week will mark the start of the fetal stage. We've been in the embryonic stage up till now. So that's very exciting.
I started craving candy lately. Starbursts, Mike & Ikes.... which is weird. Strangely enough, I have been "craving" the beach. HA I am having serious cabin fever thinking I will basically NEVER have another vacation and this cold weather is getting really old. I miss warmth. And Im getting excited about Valentine's Day. I love that holiday. Its usually a lot of fun.
Jared has gotten a couple of bites with the job front. Its more like he's made it through the first stages of certain jobs and has to complete tests, ect. to make it through the next round. Our families have fasted and feel sure we will hear something soon. We are also making room and rearranging things to get ready for the babies. Getting everything in the attic so we have as much space as possible, while I still can get around. Lots to do, Not a lot of time!


  1. Ashlee! I love you and am hoping only the best for you! Keep us updated! :)

  2. You're such a sweetheart. Those little kiddos are gonna have a blast being in your fam. Have you tried different kinds of toothpastes? Good luck with everything!