Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number 2... No not THAT #2!

Yesterday started out so nice. Jared and I woke up early and made the 1 1/2 hour trip to Birmingham for a temple trip. It was so nice. We got there early so we had time to do Inititories and then a session. I felt ok the whole time. I mean I did sleep the whole way up and back but all was well. Then we got home and my tummy was acting weird. I wasn't very hungry but we decided to order pizza. And thats where we all went wrong. I only ate one slice cause it was not very good at all. Mom took one bite and couldn't eat anymore. Jared ate FOUR slices! What a nut. And dad didn't even eat any. The rest of the evening I was down for the count. I just got worse as the night went on. Long story short, I only made it to 11:00 that night. It was awful. So thats the second time I've thrown up. Jared was sick all night too but he hung in there. I just couldn't.... oh it was awful. So of course I woke up this morning feel puny. Agh.
The specialist doctor rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow at 11. So I should have a report from that soon. Tomorrow also marks week 11 for the babies. We are moving right along. Mom and I are leaving for Texas on Sunday. Im so excited. I get to spend the week with my mamaw peg and papa skip. Then my sis and her family comes in for the weekend for Natalie's baptism. I can not believe she is EIGHT! My goodness. It goes so fast. So anyway I am so excited, I just hope I feel good this next week. I will pretty much NEVER eat pizza again, so that should help my chances huh? HA The last 4 out of 5 times I've thrown up have been pizza.... that should tell us ALL something.... Think about it.


  1. "Tomorrow marks week 11 for the babIES!"....that's so weird to read PLURAL! I can still hardly believe it! 11're getting but before you know it you'll have 3 precious little babies!

  2. Yuck where did you get the pizza from! Maybe the health department needs to inspect!

    I can't believe you're almost through the first three months already!! Crazy!

  3. have fun in TEXAS!! im jealous!!
    baby and i will be in georgia for two weeks this month! maybe we could work something out to see you guys! love you!