Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 7

I thought it might be neat, for those of you who are interested, for me to post the weekly progress of the baby growing situation. HA! Some of you have already had babies and know what's going on but its still kinda neat to get a feel of what happens each week as it happens.
So for week 7 "Little Bit" has a very big growth spurt. Right now its about the size of a beebee gun pellet but will double in size to about 1/2". Right now it has an appendix and a pancreas. The heart chambers have been divided. It is also growing stubs this week where its arms and legs will grow from. It pretty much looks like an alien right now. HA!
My calcium intake is very important right now so I am keeping track of that making sure I hit that amount. Jared is upset with me that I haven't been doing my exercise lately (but he should try feeling like crud and see if HE wants to walk 2 miles!) so I am going to try really hard to make that a priority this week.
Thats about it right now. I will do this every week so you guys know what's happening with me and the baby according to my pregnancy book. Thank you all for the prayers!


  1. Great idea! I'll stay "Tooned" for the updates! Haha:)

  2. Hey sister...i know your feeling crapy but the end result is awesome....LUV YOU!((hugs))