Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day and such

My Valentine's Day Flowers!

Ready for something Non-Baby related? haha Probably. Looks like i totally didnt post anything about Valentines Day last week. Well my daddy sure came through for me! He ordered the most beautiful roses for me, my sis and my mom. They were delivered to the house the day before Valentines Day and it had a card that said "You will always be daddy's Valentine." So cute! He also bought mom and me each some chocolates. YUM!
Jared on the other hand, Im afraid he got shown up by my dad! haha In all fairness he made reservations for us at the Melting Pot. The restaurant I wanted to go to on my birthday but was too sick to go to. Well I was too sick again this holiday to go. So another missed reservation. I asked myself though why would he plan to take out a nauseous pregnant person to DINNER for V-day. I told him a massage would have been much better suited. HA! All well, he gets points for trying. So V-day itself was a pretty crappy day because I felt so awful. (It wont last forever right...) Next year baby!
Also my cell phone after three and a half years together gave up on me. Yep, it finally died and I was FORCED to renew my stupid 2 year agreement with Verizon and get a new phone. On the up side, the phone was free so thats good. But I really didnt want to have to resign a contract. Not that I would have switched providers, I just hate giving them that power ya know! Cell phone companies and insurance companies..... they have way too much power and charge way too much and for what?! They are both the devil in my opinion.
Ok enough ranting... haha just though a non-triplet post might be refreshing for my 2-4 readers out there! hehe


  1. How sweet of your dad! And Jared, even though the plans didn't work out. 3 and a half years with the same cell phone! I'm surprised someone out there makes a cell phone that works for that long...

  2. Jared, I'm proud of you for your attempts. I know that on a good day, us women can be hard to please... I can only imagine what pregnancy throws in! Good thing this holiday isn't a contest...
    Better luck next year, my good man.

  3. Thanks Kelsi! Yeah, I'm going to give up on taking her anywhere with food for the next few months...

  4. Ashlee your baby bump is so cute!!!! I am sorry you have been feeling so sick, hang in there, it will be worth it.