Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 14

Im finally starting to see the growth in myself more this week which is good because the babies are just getting bigger and bigger. This week they are the size of a fist and weigh almost an ounce each. My tummy is pretty darn tight. You can really feel how "full" it feels. I measured it today and its 37 inches around my belly button. The book says maternity clothes are a must for most women at this point so Im surprised Im not quite there yet. I can tell my regular clothes are getting less and less fun to wear. Its strange because I haven't actually gained any weight yet. I've lost 6 pounds.
My ribs are starting to get sore these days, making room for that growing uterus. Its a weird feeling. Im not as sleepy as I used to be but I get tired or exhausted a lot easier. I've only thrown up once this week; brushing my teeth gets me every time. Jared tries to get me to skip it when I feel bad, but I just cant do that. I even had a dream my teeth starting coming out. HA It was scary! Im an avid brusher and flosser.
As far as changes in the babies, this week the ears and eyes are moving to a more normal position and the neck is getting longer. The main thing is that they are just getting bigger. Im able to eat more regularly and more in general so Im really trying to eat all I can. Im PRAYING they each get to be 4 pounds. I would be thrilled! I cant believe Im 3 1/2 months already.
The most stressful thing in our world right now is the fact that Jared still has had no luck in finding a job. We are both starting to panic. We only have a few bills, luckily, at this point but these babies are getting pricey already. Especially with our insurance being so stubborn. We have a great savings right now but we know even that will go very quickly in the next six months or so. It looks like Jared may have to go to D.C. to sell, without me. I cant think about it for very long or I get weepy and Im afraid I wont be able to hold it together if he leaves me for the summer. I know we need money and I know this is a sure way to get it but it isn't fair. I will be huge and miserable and so very pregnant and terrified and alone. I don't understand why we get blessed with three babies and then no way to pay for them. That they only way is for to be separated.... Like I said I cant think about it for too long.


  1. Ash! :) I can see how you would be worried, but things will work out! There's still plenty of time to find a job, and the Lord will prepare a way! I know things will work out great!

  2. I love your cute baby belly! And don't let Jared get you to stop brushing your teeth. You are at risk for pre-term labor if you get any tooth disease. We're still praying for Jared to find a good permanent job. Love you!

  3. your belly is so stinkin' cute!!!!!