Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 13

This week the babies are about the size of peaches. I cant believe I'm not fatter than I am. I thought by now my belly would be noticeably pregnant. All well. They are also getting some hair on their bodies. Other than that, their eyes and ears are moving to a more "normal" place. The head is becoming more proportionate to the body. Its about 1/3 of the body's length now. They are now able to urinate out the amniotic fluid they've been swallowing too, so that's gross.
I still can't feel them move around but I can DEFINITELY feel them in there. When I move or sit up I can feel them. I can still wear my "baggy" jeans but Im mostly in my sweat pants or PJs. Im pretty proud of myself for not caving into the prescriptions pain killers. I haven't even had tylenol. The doc told me to take 2 Tums a day for the calcium. I also have to take a prescription Iron pill later on for the babies. I hear that is really gonna stink. She told me to take it once I don't feel sick anymore, cause it tears up your tummy. YEA! Cant wait!
My blood work came back and my thyroid is actually normal right now. It's a miracle. I was so worried I would have to take something to keep it normal but it's doing it already. We will keep monitoring it but so far so good. Thank goodness.
I still feel sick at night and am tired a lot. I don't think I will get to the "fun" part of pregnancy. I guess with three in there I have to skip that. I figure by May I will be on bedrest for the remainder so we are looking at about two and a half months till then. So not looking good for Ashlee. All well. I just want three HUGE babies that are as close to nine months as I can possibly get them before they come. Cowboy Up, as my daddy says.
My next doctors appointment is March 9th. Then I will go every THREE weeks instead of FOUR. YEAH for insurance that doesn't cover maternity!! (sarcasm)

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  1. I'm so glad that your thyroid is functioning okay for now. That's a great blessing! Love you!