Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 11

Last week I had a lot of bad days. I was hoping this week would be better, but its not looking that way. Threw up again yesterday. AGH I was so upset about it too. I ate really well yesterday, every two hours. Good stuff too. I felt good until the night came. I hate the night time. Thats when I go down. I had a bowl of cereal around 8 pm and the milk did me in.
Im so tired of feeling this way. I just feel like poo. Like this morning: my stomach is completely empty since I didnt eat anything after I threw up last night. So Im eating ginger ale and crackers and a clif bar now. And I would rather poke my eye then eat this mess. I dont want to eat anything. Nothing ever sounds good and nothing ever goes down good. Im just so tired of it. Its miserable. 11 weeks of "The Flu".... and counting.
Well this week the babies are about the size of a large lime, each. They are growing their fingernails too. By the end of the week they should each weigh an ounce and I will officially have started my 2nd trimester. I can tell they are growing cause Im getting a pudge on my tummy. Jared is dying to take pics so that will be coming soon. They are sucking the energy out of me like vampires! HA. There are some times of the day when I cant walk or think one step further and have to sit down and sleep. Im starting to get scared about how hard this pregnancy is actually going to be. Im just focusing on already being 3 months down and about 4 or 5 more to go. Not saying I wouldn't do all this over again. I would and will give these babies anything and everything they need from me to grow healthy. If its the last thing I do.... but Im fairly confident I wont be one of those women, like my sis, who loves being pregnant. Cause I dont even like it at this point. And Im afraid the hard part hasnt even gotten here yet.


  1. Ash I'm so sorry you are sick and miserable! I don't know if this will help, but a friend used to tell me that she would eat popsicles and yogurt because they came up easy. (Sorry sounds gross but it was a relief for her and I thought maybe it could be for you too!) Also, I've heard that the first trimester is usually the worst, so hopefully you will get feeling better soon! I can't believe they're the size of a lime, each, already! They are growing so fast! Hang in there, everything will be alright!

  2. I don't blame you! I HATED EVERY MINUTE of being pregnant! HURRY and take pics...I want to see these little babies grow!! Sorry you're so sick...it really is an AWEFUL TERRIBLE MISERABLE part of pregnancy!! Popsicles and 99 cent chicken nuggets at Wendy's (plus a frosty & a dipped cone from DQ) were the ONLY things I was eating at this point in my pregnancy. Popsicles really are the way to go...they have those healthy fruity ones that just tasted SOO good...maybe try a jamba juice or something like that. At one point in my pregnancy I was having those like every day....sometimes TWICE a day!

  3. Oh sister...I liked it till I was about 5-6 months when I couldn't sleep on my back or stomach is was simply side sleeping only. My body Pillow saved me. I'm sorry I'm not much help with the sickness because I NEVER got sick. Or felt sick, but I did felt sleepy. I think in some ways its your body preparing you for all the sleepless nights your about to endure. To bad you can't bottle that up. You know to with Natalie I went and had several massages done, because of my back and that table that slides out at the belly was great because I needed to be some other way then my side. Eve though I didn't throw up I did have a few things that just didn't sit well and came up. I luv you and your doing the best thing you can for you and those babies rest and keeping anything you can down. See...your already being an awesome mom.

  4. You really don't need to worry about being lazy at this point. Getting those babies here healthy is the only priority at this point. And, hopefully, the sickness should be almost done. You'll make it. Second trimester is the best - you're not sick and you're not big yet. You'll love being pregnant - just wait. Wait until you can feel that flutter of movement, see that little arm poking you - it's amazing!