Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 24

***There is a problem with the blog and its not letting me upload pictures. I will keep trying. Sorry***

Six month mark baby!! We have about ten to eleven weeks left! I bought my diaper bag this week. I went with a Kalencom tote and it is so freaking cute! ha Yes, I spent a little more than I maybe needed to but I love it and even got it 15 % off from a Mother's Day sale online! hehe Its huge and matches my purse really well so that I could use it as a secondary bag when needed. I also bought my baby monitors, bottle warmer, wipe warmer, bumper pads and crib mobiles this week. I used some left over money from my Texas baby shower for all that though. But I still have SO much stuff to buy! I get a couple presents in the mail every once in a while so I hope those keep comin! hehe

Another new development: Jared and I decided that we are going to use cloth diapers for the girls. More for economic reasons than anything else. I have my mom on board with the idea and dad will still do peepee diapers but says he is OUT for poopie ones! haha all well. Now I'm just trying to decide which ones to get. There are SO many confusing options to pick from. Im thinking I actually might get a few different kinds instead of investing in just one option. Any advice?

Hit a few discomforts this week. My fingers and feet started to swell after I ate at PF Changs on Friday. bad! Wont do that again. Also, my ribs just ache all the time with NO relief. Where that "six pack" should be its just so tender to the touch. Probably has to do with Baby B lodging her head up there. Also, sleeping is becoming quite difficult. Im not supposed to lay on my back so I lay on my sides, right? Well as soon as I get comfy on my left side, baby C gets mad and starts kicking since Im laying on HER side. So I roll over to the right side and then baby B starts kicking me. I just cant make them ALL happy at once cause mom has to actually lay down to sleep. HA! So I rotate a lot at night which is no easy feat. It kinda reminds me of seeing a turtle on its back trying to roll itself onto its front. Thats how I feel trying to roll over in the bed. Good thing I have a big strong man to flip me over.

We are all four very squished. Simple things like breathing and sleeping are a chore these days. I spend half my day RUNNING to the toilet because I think I might pee on myself, only to get there and pass about a tablespoon of urine- thank you Baby A. I'm as big as I would be if I were nine months pregnant and having one baby at this point... But my girls aren't, so that's what Im focused on. Getting them as big as they can be. And to be frankly honest, as uncomfortable as I am, I am in NO hurry to go under the knife at needle point! Until next week!


  1. I really enjoy keeping up with you, Jared and the baby girls! I am so glad you created this blog. You are still in my prayers and are such a great mother already!!! Your girls are very blessed!

  2. I know you don't know hubby and I worked with Jared back in the day. Anyways I follow your blog, I promise I am not a creeper. I have never used cloth diapers but I follow and she advertises and uses many different brands of cloth diapers. They don't make them like they use to. Hope that helps! Good luck with your search!

  3. Hey! You aren't as big as I get at nine months yet so don't worry. And if you want to see really uncomfortable go look at pictures of octomom pregnant. Ouch! That'll make you feel better! I love you!

  4. Hi. It's good to hear that you are doing well. I told Jared about this on Facebook already, but a friend of a friend makes cloth diapers. I don't have any kids, so I don't know what makes a good cloth diaper, but the website is