Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 24 Photos

And it keeps growing and growing and growing..... haha
Big Belly Baby!
Sunday before church in the dress my sis gave me.
I had the idea of using these closet storage hangers for diapers, blankets, ect. We got a curtain rod and used up the doorway to the nursery. VERY HANDY!
My crib mobiles and bumper pads. They are so super soft. I wanna crawl up in there! hehe
My new diaper bag. Sophie had to be in the picture too though! haha
Closer picture of the diaper tote. Its so cute and matches the orange I got going on in different places of the nursery. LOVE IT!


  1. Ashley you are glowing and you look so gorgeous!!!

  2. SOOO CUTE (you and all the new stuff)! It's making me want a new baby so bad!!! LOVE IT!!

  3. You look so cute! I love your belly! Great idea using the organizers for diapers. You'll like having them handy like that.

  4. You look great... Look at your belly growing so fast!! You are lucky, you are all belly no swelling or anything!!! You are getting sooo close!!!

    Oh and Happy Mother's day!!!