Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 26

HA! I just noticed that you can see my maternity 'underwear' bunched up! HA! Thats funny!

It took longer than I thought to get this posted but it has been a pretty crazy week. My mom was in a car wreck on Saturday. She's ok and the other person is ok too, thankfully. Some crazy lady pulled out in front of mom crossing a four lane highway and mom clipped her. Luckily though everyone is ok and I was not in the car with her (I almost went with her that day too).

Also, my sis is coming to spend the week with us! She will be here today actually and leaves on Sunday. Im pretty darn excited! Everyone works during the day so she is going to keep me company. Don't get me wrong, Sophie (my parents dog) is very entertaining but not much on conversation. Some super sweet ladies in our church are throwing me a shower on Friday so Im so happy Ran will get to be here for that too.

I also had a doctor's appointment on Friday. I am thrilled to report that the girls are doing great! Baby A is (was) 2 pounds exactly. Baby B is (was) 1.13 pounds and Baby C is (was) 1.12 pounds. They have great fluid around each of them and my cervix is holding them in beautifully. The doctor is just astonished at how well they are progressing. She even said "Let's shoot for 36 weeks! Think you can do it?!" haha of course I can!! Please understand the AVERAGE pregnancy for triplets is around 30-31 weeks so I was super excited to hear that my girls are such troopers. That would mean VERY little or NO time in the NICU and the girls would probably get to come home with me when Im released!! So YES! Of course I can hang in there another ten weeks baby!

So the girls are doing great but Ashlee's body is starting to complain a teensy bit. Seems I've picked up a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not too painful just yet but then again Im not even in my third trimester yet (that's next week). Also, I asked my doctor about that awful pain in my abdomen and turns out its probably my gallbladder and/or gall stones. It's either that or my ab muscles are literally ripping and tearing as the girls get bigger. Not sure which one to root for. We are keeping an eye on it because I obviously cant have surgery to take out my gallbladder right now. Its really just something to endure right now and hope it gets better once the girls are out. It's definitely the most pain I've had to handle up to this point.

So kidney stones? Check. Gallstones? Check (possibly). Carpal tunnel. Check. Guess now its just a wait game on the appendix. HA! Seriously though, putting everything in perspective I only have ten weeks at the most left and as long as my cervix holds up, everything else can too. We can do it right!!! The doctor told me before I left "Whatever it is that you're doing, keep doing it!" Jared and I looked at each other and smiled because we know its all the prayers and thoughts our loved ones are offering for our girls' behalf. Thank you all! And keep it up!!


  1. ASH!! I am LOVING the pictures!! you are so super lucky! I may get to come with mom and aunt cheryl to the shower on friday :) i sure hope so. i love you and the girls!!! oh, and jared :)

  2. I love reading your updates. Keep them coming! I'm glad everyone is doing fine! :) Miss you guys!

  3. Mama Peg and Papa Skip are so proud of the way you are handling this miraculous pregnancy. It is such a privilege to have this blessing come into our lives. We send our love, prayers, and thoughts all the way from Idaho and Utah. We are having a wonderful vacation! So sorry about Becky's accident but so glad she wasn't hurt. Papa and I will try to be as available as you need us to be....after those GIRLS get here. With Love!!!

  4. Oh my heck Ashlee, you are sooo cute. I got on your facebook hoping to find some pics of you and your belly, I'm so happy that you are doing a blog and keeping up on it so well. Tell your parents we love them and we hope they are doing well. I'm glad no one was hurt in the car accident. Kim