Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 25

Ok my friends, I think we are hitting the "gut check time" of the triplet pregnancy. Man, this is getting tough. First of all, Jared and I are both sick. We got a pretty awful head cold around Thursday/Friday. I literally can not breathe at all through my nose, which is normally just an inconvenience, right? Well not when you can hardly breathe in the first place. I walk around here sounding like an overweight chain smoker who desperately needs a CPAC. Then there's the sort throat and congestion and sneezing and headache and earache. Im trying to wait it out and see if it will blow over before I start hitting the medicines. I don't have a fever and am staying hydrated so the girls should be ok. I might call the doc today anyway just to be safe. Its miserable though. Oh so miserable.

Then the night comes. I just want to sleep. So sleepy. I cant sleep because I cant breathe. Jared is freezing, Im sweating. I cant roll over and I have to pee every hour. I don't like the night time anymore.

But here is the kicker. (Mom and other fainters skip to next paragraph.) I believe, yes this is a self prognosis, the wonderfully rapid growth of the girls and my lack of real estate in there has lead to my abdomen muscles TEARING. Oh yeah, thats right. It is by far the most pain I have felt this pregnancy, landslide. It is an excruciating burning that literally feels like Im shredding my muscle with two forks. And having to blow my nose every ten minutes or sneeze is just... oh.... pain. Thankfully I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning so I will be sure to confirm what is really going on with this pain.

Well thats all the bad stuff I think. Friday Jared and I and my mom and dad went to see the new Iron Man movie and then go out to eat. We finally got to eat at the Melting Pot! I've wanted to eat there since I lived in Utah. We were gonna eat there for my birthday and other occasions but I was too nauseous. Well we finally went and well.... it was ok. WAY overpriced and food wasn't that amazing. I would go back for dessert but not for the meal. It wasn't worth the money in my opinion. As far as the movie, the girls did not like how loud it was. The first Iron Man was better but it was still ok.

Neat things this week: my belly is starting to look like an alien attack. You can SEE the girls moving in there. Its way cool. Also, I made an appointment to get my maternity pictures done on May 24th. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do these or not but the photographer is giving me such a great deal. I'm excited about it. Tonight, I have a breastfeeding class to go to. Hopefully Jared will get to go with me but he starts his new job today so he may not be able to. Well thats about it. I need a nap or something so until next week.....

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  1. WHAT? You didn't LOVE Melting Pot? LOVE that, desert...ALL! So sorry you don't feel the same way! ;) Ironman 2, TOTALLY agree. We saw the midnight showing and it wasn't as good as the first. Lastly, SO sorry you're sick and in SO much pain! I seriously couldn't IMAGINE having THREE babies in my belly!! You're amazing chicka!