Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doctor's Update

We went to the doctor yesterday for our checkup and all is well. The girls got so big in just a week and a half! Baby A is now 3 pounds 13 ounces. Baby B is now the same at 3 pounds 13 ounces. And Baby C caught up with her sisters at 3 pounds 11 ounces. (For those who are adding it up in your head, thats 11 and 1/2 pounds of baby in there..... just baby.) Holy Moly! They each almost gained a whole pound in just a week and a half.

My goal was to get the girls up to 4 pounds by birth and now Im thinking they will get to 4 1/2 pounds. Which is so awesome and hopefully means little to no time in the NICU. I got my steroid shots yesterday and this morning so thats over with. Those should help with their lung production. My cervix is still tight and long but with the weight and pressure of everybody in there its starting to show signs of "funneling." Nothing too scary though because we are still doing well beyond expectations at this point. The doctor is confident that 35 weeks will be when we call it quits. Thats July 16th- just THREE weeks away!!!!!! WOW! We are so close!

Other than that, my blood pressure is perfect (120/80). I gained 6 pounds in a week and a half. I will start seeing the doctor now twice a week until the girls get here. So my next appointment is actually on this coming Monday and then Thursday. I really hate that though because its so uncomfortable for me to lay down and do ultrasounds (and whatever other kind of probing and tests they do) every time. It wears me out and I just feel completely exhausted after leaving the doctor. But, three weeks right?! We can do it!


  1. What wonderful news on the girls! Sounds like they are all progressing wonderfully. :-) All of those sweet little fingers, toes and button noses growing well! Hope you are saving up lots of kisses for them each!

  2. The girls will be here before you know it!!!