Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shower #2 Pics

This is the the shower the ladies at church threw for me.
The decorations were cute little onesies and bibs, ect. So cute!!!
This is the cake and food spread they did for me.
This was a cute game where you guess how big around my belly is just by looking and you measure it out with string. Mom was about a foot and a half bigger than what I really was! Ha! Thanks a lot mom!
This game was gross but fun! They melted chocolate bars inside a diaper and you had to decide which candy bar it was just by smelling it! haha EWW!
Check out all that loot! Wow! I couldn't believe how many presents and diapers we got. It was so awesome! These ladies really just went above and beyond for the girls.
Cute outfits we got.

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