Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 30.... Five-Six weeks to go!

These pictures are actually from week 29, so I will have updated ones later.

I am really sorry everyone that I missed last week. I was pretty sick most of the time and very uncomfortable the rest of it. But Im doing better now and am ready to update everyone!

Last Sunday I was only able to stay at church for about 45 minutes and then had to leave. My feet and legs began to swell to disgusting proportions. I was sweating, couldn't get comfortable and my feet were a redish purple color so Jared and I left so I could prop them up. Which means, Ashlee isn't able to attend church for the next few weeks until after the girls get here. I am so bummed about that but its really not worth the risk of going into pre-term labor. (For the LDS folks, Jared is going to ask for permission to give me the sacrament at home. I hope they let us.)

So thats how the week started. Then Tuesday night around 930 I started getting awful cramps and sweats/chills. I was miserable! I woke up about 3 or 4 times that night going to the bathroom in a mad dash. This lasted about 2-3 days. Im pretty sure it was food poisoning from reheating a beef taco. No fun...

Then Friday was our doctor's appointment. I was so incredibly nervous about it. With the swelling and sickness I had that week, I was SO afraid that I would be put on bedrest or just something wasn't going to be good news I guess. Well Heavenly Father showed me yet again how much He is watching out for my girls. All good news!! Baby A is 3.3 pounds. Baby B is 3 pounds. And Baby C is 2.14 pounds. The average weight for a singleton baby at 30 weeks is 3 pounds, so my girls are sure keeping up. And baby C is catching up with her sisters. My blood pressure was perfect, my cervix is 3.6 still. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks, hence the seriously disturbing swelling. But the doctor said its perfectly normal to swell that much this late in pregnancy. All my other ailments that I mentioned to her and wont bore you with are also just part of pregnancy, which is great news to me! As long as my girls are fine, I can deal with whatever. I just get nervous every little thing that hurts me, hurts them too. Not the case, thank goodness.

The doctor is still VERY confident that we will hit 35 weeks and is going to call a multiples specialist in Birmingham to discuss my situation to see if its worth it to go 36 weeks. She still cant believe how well the girls are growing and how well my body is tolerating it. It brings tears to my eyes because Heavenly Father is watching these girls so closely. They are more His than mine and I know He wants them healthy too. It's such a spiritual experience to share these girls with Him.

My next doctor's appointment is June 23rd and I will be getting my steroid shots at that time. They give moms who are having multiples two steroid shots to help the babies' lungs grow a little faster since they have less time in the womb to do that. Lungs are the last thing to completely develop in babies. After that appointment she said we will go to once a week or bi-weekly appointments. We're getting sooo close!!

Finally, this week I had two awesome baby showers thrown for my girls. The super sweet ladies that work with my mom threw one on Tuesday at a local restaurant for me. I tell ya.... you will never meet a sweeter, more giving group of ladies. Most of them had never even met me, and I just felt so much love from each of them. It was a precious shower. And also, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law threw one on Saturday. Since they live in Utah I wasn't able to go, obviously, but I was able to speak and meet most of the ladies who went through video chat. They made blankets and did some crafts for the girls. It was so sweet of them to throw a full on shower even though I wasn't able to be there (and on my Mother-in-law's birthday!). Jared and I have such a wonderful family.

Since this post has become a novel, I will post the pictures of the showers, Friday's ultrasound and updated belly pics later. Sorry it is so long, but it IS two weeks worth! haha Keep up the prayers everyone!


  1. My feet got really swollen with Tyler. It took about two weeks and one day I was nursing him with my feet up on the ottoman and I looked down and went "THOSE ARE MY FEET!!!!" You'll be so excited to see your feet again! I love you!!! You're an awesome momma (and Jared an awesome daddy!)

  2. You look so amazing girl. I'm so glad you are feeling good and the babies are doing so good. I know you are going to be a super mom. I love you and am praying for you and your baby girls health. Don't think you need it. Heavenly Father is looking after you all.