Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 31

Ok guys, this is really getting harder and harder and less and less fun. Every single part of my body aches and is screaming for relief. I actually feel like I have the flu sometimes. Thats the only way to describe it. Being so tired all the time, aches and pains, no real appetite, light headed. My body is definitely being pushed to the max these last few weeks of this pregnancy. The swelling in my legs and feet have really gotten insane. Heartburn has made its ugly appearance as well. Oh dear, I just look at Jared sometimes with tears pouring out and just beg for a break. Honestly, just one day of a break and I feel like I could do this no problem. The doctor hasn't officially put me on bed rest but there's really no need. Im so tired and in so much pain all the time that its either the bed or the couch where you can find me. Agh and I just hate complaining so much because if I had the option right now to have the girls here and this all be over or go another 4 weeks, there's no doubt what I would pick. Those girls need more time in there and I would be devastated if they came this early. As awful as this is day in and day out, I dont want my girls hooked up to tubes and IVs for the first few weeks of life. No one deserves that. Im just being a baby.

Jared has been so great and helpful. Between him and my parents I am so blessed to have so much help. Jared actually shaved my legs on Sunday. He got a huge tuperware bowl and shaved them for me while I relaxed on the bed. So sweet. He and my daddy rub down my legs and feet for me everyday to help prevent blood clots. My mom cleans and cooks everything so that I don't have a single thing to do but lay down and incubate babies. I can't imagine not having these people around to help me.

Last but not least, Jared and I have some news. We changed the girls' names. Im so sorry to all those who embroidered their names on gifts and things, I really am. But I just couldn't get over not having family names in there and I never really was sold on having all the names sound alike. Anyway, please understand how sorry we are and I promise I will have the names re-embroidered. The new names are:
Abigail Riley Lynn Toone (just added my middle name to hers)
Mia Rebecca Toone (my mothers name)
Charlotte Cynthia Toone (my mother-in-laws name)
I so love our new names and am 100% satisfied now. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and I will post the latest news and updates after that visit. Hopefully we can schedule a date for the delivery. Please keep us in your prayers everyone. Love you all!


  1. You are amazing woman! Such a wonderful Mommy to those girls already.

  2. Girl, bless your heart! You and your girls are getting into the home stretch now, so hang in there! Don't worry about the name changes and so forth, inspiration comes when it comes...

    God bless!!

    Remember, our family stands ready and willing to pitch in when the bundles arrive and I am available during the day as soon as my Jared's bus picks him up for helping out with the bambinas.

  3. Oh, I love those names even better, Ashley! Hi, I'm Jenny Lunsford. I'm Josh Mangelson's sister. :) I've been reading your blog for a while now! Hang in there! You are doing sooo good! I can't even freakin' imagine 3 babies. It's hard enough with one! I'm glad you have so much help around! Loves! :)

  4. Don't be sorry about the names! They are your children! :) I love the new ones even more! You're doing so good Ashley, hang in there only a couple more weeks and they will be here! Love you and miss you!

  5. Ashlee, you're my hero! I have a question, when you say week 31 does that mean week 31 just ended or just started? I'm new to all this baby business.

  6. i LOVE you and i am so GLAD you changed the names!! NOT that i didnt like the ones before, but i wanted to change mcraes name to CHAROLETTE at the very end and jace wouldnt let me.... i still secretly call her charly sometimes :) you will be so happy you changed names even after the embroidery and everything. love you a lot :)

  7. Ashlee,

    The new names are meaningful and I really love the changes. Mammaw and Pawpaw love you so much!
    Your suffering will be worth it!!!

    Mama Peg (Pawpaw Skip wanted one of the girls
    named after him)