Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 32.... (Sorry its so long)

This has by far been the LONGEST and most STRESSFUL week of my pregnancy. It all started when I woke up Friday morning, the first day of week 32, and... ***WARNING! EXTREMELY PERSONAL INFORMATION***... lost my plug. It completely freaked me out. I immediately woke up Jared and pulled out my books and started reading about it. He called the doctor, my mom, his mom. Of course the nurses wanted me to go to the hospital immediately but my doctor was on a cruise so she wasn't even in town and I didn't want an on call doctor. Plus my insurance wouldn't have paid for me to sit in a hospital room all weekend. From what I read about it, women can lose their plug and not go into labor for a couple of weeks. So I thought, "If I start having contractions, I will go to the hospital. Let's just wait it out and see what happens." And that was just the beginning.....

I already mentioned that I got my steroid shots on Wednesday and Thursday. Well, apparently they have a few side effects I wasn't aware of. For example, not being able to breathe in deeply and loosing my voice and stirring up contractions and not being able to sleep and seriously awful heartburn. Oh my word, those shots did a number on me. So my body is freaking out about what happened on Friday and on top of that, I might as well had pneumonia as bad as I felt. I would sweat from head to toe one second and literally start freezing the next. My body was in overdrive and couldn't get it together. It was the worst I have felt ever.... and I was an emotional wreck thinking the girls were coming three weeks earlier than they should be.

I knew I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, so that was my goal. Make it until Monday and then the doctors can check everyone out. Well my doctor was out of town, like I said, so I had the on call doctor check me out. Baby A's amniotic fluid was at a 4 and her sisters were at an 8 so I was leaking fluid. Not a good thing. Plus I was dilated just under 1, which isn't a lot but certainly not good considering how much weight and pressure Im carrying around. The on call doctor insisted I go to the hospital to be monitored. But it didn't feel right to me. I knew as soon as I was admitted they would poke and run all kinds of tests and it would for sure put me into labor. So I told her that I wasn't going, but that I would come back tomorrow morning (when MY doctor would be there) to get checked out. She couldn't believe I told her no. A mother's instinct is far superior than a doctor's though. Thank goodness.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I was resigned that my girls would be coming in the next day or so. I was so disappointed that my body couldn't hold it together these last crucial weeks. I know two and a half weeks early doesn't sound like a lot, but when you think about how they are already coming 6 weeks early to begin with... I just felt defeated. I was an emotional exhausted disaster. So 7:30 am the next day (on Jared's birthday, poor guy) we went BACK to the doctor's office, did ANOTHER ultrasound and..... found out Baby A's fluid was back up to a 7. It was nothing short of a miracle. An answer to A LOT of prayers. I talked to my doctor and apparently Im leaking fluid so slowly my body is able to regenerate or replenish the lost fluid for baby A. Amazing!

The doctor's still confident that we have a couple of weeks until delivery. She was proud of me for not going to the hospital; she agreed with me that they would have tried to deliver my girls too. My blood pressure was up (132/80) and I am still dilated somewhat though so Im on bed rest officially. I have an appointment on Thursday and then again on Tuesday. So that's my new goal... just make it until Tuesday. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Until next week.... hopefully.


  1. I love you so much. I'm so glad that you went with your instincts. I know you don't want to be in this situation but I wanted to let you know how my testimony of prayers has grown so much through this. Prayers do work. We've got a lot of prayers working for you right now. You'll keep it together until it's time because of all the spiritual support. My boys have said the sweetest prayers for you guys.

  2. Well look at you! You just keep trucking along and ain't that a miracle!! I know its tough and emotional but just remember that you are being watched over. Stay postive and don't get down...just think how perfect these girls have been growing this far along! That's amazing!! You're doing great FUNDERBURG!!! Hang in there!

  3. ASH! oh how i LOVE you. you are my HERO. i am so glad everything is working out for you and those girls! the other day i was watching some mulitples show on TLC and this lady had quads at 32 weeks. they stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks but ended up being perfectly healthy!! so dont lose hope! i know you want to carry them as long as possible... but they will be FINE! i love you and call me if you get bored on bed rest!! :)

  4. I'm so glad everything worked out! That is so scary. I am so proud of you for putting your foot down and not going to the hospital, I don't know if I would of done the same, I have a problem with saying no! (Even though this says tyler, this is kimberly by the way ha)