Monday, June 21, 2010

Shower #4 pics

So these are pics from the shower my in laws through for us in Utah. They were busy little bees! I was able to chat and participate (somewhat) via the internet web cam which was really neat. They made tons blankets and onesies for the girls. It was so sweet of them to put so much hard work into this and we so appreciate it! Thanks you guys. Here are a few pics my sister in law took for me!

They ironed on designs for the onesies and are sewing on these ribbons of fabric to the bottoms for ruffles.

Some blankets they made.
These are the blankets I picked out the fabric for. They did an awesome job on these!!
Some guests....

Thats me on the computer screen.

Thanks everyone for your hard work! Im so excited to get to see all these projects myself! Love you!!

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