Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting caught up


Teething triplet girls have kept me from my blogging lately. But its official! They are "pretoddlers" with all these teeth. Charlotte got the first one and not even a week later Mia got hers. It took Abigail about a week to a week and a half to get hers after Mia. Then Ms. Charlotte showed out a pop a second tooth! ha So we are having good times over here! Seriously though, as bad as having three babies teethe at once is, I think independently they are coping very well. They just get each other riled up and then its sounds like a room full of cats taking a bath in this house. Its enough to wear on a mothers' nerves.

Onto other news I started weight watchers on Monday. I am very excited about it and think its going to go great! I have 25-30 pounds I want to lose. And No, I know what you are thinking, the girls did not put the weight on me. I actually had 15-20 pounds to lose before I even got pregnant and then put on another 5-10 pounds after I quit breastfeeding the girls. So now is the time to start before I get WAY behind. So wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my progress!

My Aunt Jackie and her family drove all the way from Texas during their spring break to meet my girls! It was such a treat to have them here. Katelyn and Kristen were so amazing with the girls. They would play with them and read books to them and loved to feed them their bottles. They were such big helps and I offered them a permanent job! But I guess they got to go to school and all that silly stuff... haha I am so grateful they got to come and sacrificed their break for us! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

And finally, it seems Jared, myself and the girls will be moving back to D.C. this summer for about a year and a half. Jared will be leaving sometime in April and I will follow PROBABLY the end of June. He will sell this summer and the next and also work as a technician during the winter months. He is getting all the experience he needs so we can open our own office. No, I am not looking forward to this. It means I will be on my own most of the day and night. It means I have to move three babies to an apartment in D.C. It means I have to leave my family. It means Jared and I will be separated for months. To me it means all bad things. However, Jared has made the decision and I must follow. Which means the girls must follow too.

Pictures and videos to come in later posts!


  1. Weight watchers? GO YOU! I started South Beach last week and I'm DYING!! BUT I've lost 5 lbs already with 1 in from my belly so I'm happy & think about THAT everytime I want a piece of chocolate cake! lol! Good luck! Let me know how you like it! I'm sorry you have to move away from your family but I'm sure it will be good & Jared will be happy if that's what he wants to do!! Props to you for following suit! Miss you! We need to talk soon!

  2. Hey cuz! Confession: I always read your blog! I love it! Your write so well! I love those girls and want to meet them soooooo badly! I hate to see you move off, but I guess follow your heart. :) I want you to post another family picture....even if its just a non-professional one. I love to see oooo and awww at the whole family and try and just IMAGINE what it would be like to have that many babies! I CANT IMAGINE! Love and miss you! Talk to you soon! Kodie

  3. Mark my words, I will be back!!!!! :):):):):)