Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still Catching up

About the same day I posted about the girls getting teeth, Abigail went ahead and decided to pop another tooth! HA! So thats 2 for Charlotte, 2 for Abigail and 1 for Mia. Just as an update!

Also wanted to mention how awesome they are doing as far as food goes. They have recently had cherries, blueberries, cauliflower, green beans with mint and soon to have asparagus. And they love everything now! They weren't crazy about avocados and bananas before but now they LOVE them! haha I think avocados made the top 3 list even! Its so awesome to have 3 girls who just LOVE their food. They are liking the bottles and formula less and less though. So I might start decreasing that gradually too. They get 6 ounces each feeding. Thinking about going down to 5.

And as a quick side note the girls slept 12 hours last night!!! We are trying a new method where we lay them down, sometimes with a toy and make sure they are happy, then walk out. Wait 3 minutes and go back in and repeat until they are asleep. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, sometimes 10. But either way they are so much more happy and sleep SO MUCH BETTER than being rocked each time! Its been so awesome the last couple of days. So thank goodness for that.

Also, I am trying to post more videos but for some reason it takes like 2 hours to do and then only sometimes actually works. So be patient with me and i will TRY to be patient with this thing.

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