Friday, March 4, 2011


Good grief! I just got finished reading this article and was blown away by it! I just had to share it real quick, and I do mean real quick because the girls are getting a bath in 10 minutes. It just infuriated me so much I wanted to say some really bad words! I will post the link to the article but if you don't want to read the whole thing, it is basically talking about this woman who decides she doesn't want to be a mother anymore. So she just gets a divorce and gives up the custodial rights as her two young boys guardian. She says she's didn't want motherhood to "swallow her up." WELL SHE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFOREHAND!

Honestly! I find it HILARIOUS that people wonder why the world is going straight to hell these days. The reason is this..... would you like to know... come closer and i'll tell you.....

BECAUSE THE FAMILY IS GOING TO HELL! The very definition of family is "the basic unit of society." So when that unit goes to pot guess what happens to the rest of society... you got it. It also GOES UNDER! I get so sick of idiots like this woman who get postered as individuals and independents and free hearted whatevers. It just makes me sick.

I didnt make the rules ok, but if your a woman AND capable, your duty IS TO BE A MOTHER. Its our role as women and a pretty important one at that. Read the family proclamation if you dont believe me. Agh! I could go on forever on this rant but my children are squawking like a bag of cats right now.

Here's the link.


  1. Oh Ashlee, I love your bluntness! One of the many reasons I love you! There is actually a great article in this months ensign that I just read last week by Sis. Beck called Teaching the Doctrine of the Family. It basically reinforces how important the FAMILY UNIT is in the whole sceme of things and without it, life would be pointless. Check it out!

  2. I read that same article.

    While she will stand accountable, as we all will, for the choices made in mortality, I have to wonder with that attitude of "me first, last and always" if the children she gave birth to aren't better off without her around them.

    I know there is harm in not having the family unit to be there intact and supporting one another through life, but if she isn't going to truly be a mother to them, is it worse that she is gone or better that she isn't there poisoning their minds and ruining their lives?

    I truly do not know.

    It pains me that someone would ever feel that way about their child.

    I am so thankful that the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us to know that children are 'an heritage from God'.

    She has turned down the opportunity of being with this great heritage. I'm sure she wouldn't have turned down money if it had been the heritage offered, yet she tossed her children aside for personal gain, as she sees it.

    May God forgive her and indeed, may He forgive us all for those places in which we fall short.