Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been keeping up with this lady's blog who was expecting SPONTANEOUS QUADS! She is about 17 weeks into her pregnancy and has received a ton of attention from the media, ect. She is going to be on the Nate Berkus show on April 6th. Spontaneous quads are very rare and I have just been fascinated at her progress. However, just today I checked her blog again to find out on her last doctor's apt, two of her babies didn't have a heart beat. They didn't make it.

Reading her experience of that doctors apt brought a wave of emotions for me. I was so sad for her and yet so grateful and humbled to have all three of my girls here and healthy. I can remember every single doctor's apt I went to and the INTENSE anxiety I would have until they let me hear all three heart beats (I made them do that FIRST THING every appointment). I would take a deep breath and say a silent prayer of gratitude.

I sometimes forget what a miracle I live with every day. I hurt, as a mother, as a former pregnant mom of multiples, for this lady who lost two of her babies. For 7 1/2 months I lived and breathed, literally, for these three girls. I can not even imagine going through loosing one of them.

**As a side, unrelated, note: I finally got the girls' pics made from the free photo shoot we won. Thanks again to everyone who voted for us! I've only seen one photo and it was just precious. I am so excited to see and share the rest of them.**


  1. My heart broke for Meagan and her husband also. I lost my first pregnancy (twins) in the same manner, the first one at 6 weeks then the second one at 12 weeks. I hold my breath going into every ultrasound now and they know to show us heartbeats first. Thank goodness they are so accommodating to us. I am 25 weeks now and feel very blessed to still have all 3 of my boys doing well inside me.

  2. How terrible. I had two friends each pregnant with twins when I was pregnant with my girls. They both lost their babies. I was really, really shook up by it. I still don't understand why some have such intense losses, while some of us are so blessed.