Friday, March 11, 2011


My girls make me giddy.... tehehehe I just love them so much. Thought I'd share that.

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  1. I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I got your blog off of another multiples blog. I am 23 weeks pregnant today with triplet boys, 2 identical and 1 of course fraternal.
    I really have not had any problems this far, well a scare early on and a couple concerns that have turned out to be fine. Right now I am being tested for preeclampsia, YIKES! my feet and hands have been swelling and my BP got high (146/86) and they found a "trace" of protein in my urine. So friday I had bloodwork done and today I'm collecting 24 hrs worth of urine, sorry if thats tmi. I'll get the results on Monday but in the meantime I'm worried about my boys having to come too early :(
    I read a little about your pregnancy (from 22 weeks and on...) It doesn't sound like you had too many problems, that's great! My babies are doing wonderful as well. My last ultarsound was @ 21w5d, they were all over a pound, they have great heartrates, great fluid levels and are very active.
    I'm hoping and praying I just ate something bad for me and that is why my BP was up, I just think it is way too early to have preeclampsia!!
    Your girls are gorgeous, I'd love to hear more about your pregnancy!!!
    My blog is private, I can send you an invite if you would like, Just email me @