Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love my girls

Here are just some random photos/stories about the girls lately. Let me just put in a little note here that most of these gems are courtesy of Lisa, the most wonderful person ever. So, grandparents, soak them up now. Cause when Lisa leaves in December there will be a huge decline in adorable random photos.

Starts out with a tipped over box of toys. (Charlotte and Abigail).

Gradually turns into Charlotte squeezing into the box.

Finally ends up being a Charli-in-the-box. This girl gets herself in the funniest predicaments.

I wish I had a camera in the girls' room. Seriously. I put Mia down for a nap and when I get her up she has these human bite marks on her arm. Either her or her sister is biting her like crazy. Also, twice I had to run in there because Abbi was just screaming. Turns out she was climbing on her bumper pad and banged her lip on the railing of the crib. Got a pretty good bloody fat lip from it. So I took her pads out of there. Everything's been good since. But I sure wish I could see whats going on in there half the time.

I so LOVE this face Abigail makes. I call it her bulldog face. So funny. (Shes the one in blue by the way)

Mia was actually "talking" to Uncle Chris on the phone. We had to snap a picture of it. So funny. Guess in a few years they will be asking for a cell phone for Christmas huh...

We went to Sams last week and I just thought they looked so grown up with their shoes on and everything. I can't believe how adorable they look. And how very grown up they look too. This is Mia.

Mia and Abbi checking out their shoes... what the heck are these things?

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  1. It looks like they're doing so well with their shoes! Yeah - no more skinned toes. It snowed here today so maybe you'll get cooler there, too. Bare feet in cold need shoes. But it's harder to walk with shoes on.... Grandma