Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Cutest fairies on the block! Yep the girls were fairies for Halloween this year. You may recognize these costumes from the 9 month photos they took. We decided to recycle them for Halloween. I got to say I was a little bummed this year. I felt like Halloween should have been more fun now that I have kiddos to share in the excitement. But they are still so little, they dont get whats going on yet. I want to carve pumpkins and make candied apples and take them trick or treating, ect... But when you go to bed at 7 pm and the daddy doesnt get home until late, it makes it hard to do any of the fun stuff. So I almost nixed the entire holiday. We had to skip the ward trunk or treat on Saturday. The girls were so cranky, Jared had been out of town for 4 days! and they didn't take a 2nd nap that day so I was NOT about to take them out that close to their bed time with just me and Lisa... no way. It wasn't until the actual Halloween day that I decided, ya know what?! We are dressing up and at least taking pictures. And maybe visit a house or two. And Im honestly glad we did. The girls got to dress up for Halloween, got a change of routine and even got to go to bed 30 minutes later than normal! haha (I know, we live dangerously). So anyway, all in all a good Halloween. Next year I will be better though. I will be more in the spirit of the holiday and help the girls enjoy it more and get creative. Plus they will be older and more excited about it too. The grown ups even stayed up a little later than normal watching Ghost Adventures. BAHA we love that show. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Here are so goodies from last night!

Getting ready!

My three fairies

Mia (green) Charlotte (pink)

Abbi (blue) and Charli

Mama Mia is ready!

Charlotte says "I look so pretty!"

Umm mom... we're not really dressed for a walk...

Family Photo!

We stopped by Kent and Karlee's house and they took our photo. Thanks guys!

Trick-or-treating our relief society president

Walking up to the door

Trick or Treat!!

Let's go get some more loot! (AKA candy)

That was fun! Lets do it again tomorrow....

Bahaha this one is a goody! Mia's hair after trick or treating and before baths.


  1. I hope you let them have atleast ONE M&M! Each year gets better with holidays! Trust me. They are still a little young but next year will be better and then the next EVEN BETTER!

  2. They are the cutest fairies I've ever seen! Grandma