Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning Walks

I try to take the girls on a walk everyday. They love getting out of the house and fresh air is always good! So we usually go on a stroller ride and then I let them out to walk around the side walks for a bit. Thats their favorite part. I just love how each of them walks. So cute. Mia's dainty and girlie. Abigail has more of a strut. She sticks out her chest and marches around. Charlotte's I guess is the most "normal" walk. But she likes to walk like shes going downhill sometimes and gets ahead of herself. Anyway, here are some random videos of us walking around.


  1. Ashlee you are getting to be quite the traffic director I love the vedio's

  2. I so much loved going on walk with those beautiful girls!! They are so precious! Happy Thanksgiving - we'll miss you. Mom