Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18 month doctor update

I totally forgot to mention the doctor's visit we had on Friday, the whole reason my grandparents came in for. HA! We were so relieved because we thought they would be getting a shot but turns out we were a few weeks too early for it, so we will get that one at the 2 year old check up. So it turned out to be a fun outing and a trip to the park afterward. So nice! Here are the stats... yes I have chunky HEALTHY girls! Thank goodness!

Charlotte: Weight 26.5 lbs
Height 32.75"

Abigail: Weight 29.10 lbs
Height 33.5"

Mia: Weight 28.3 lbs
Height 33"

Im getting serious about thinking about potty training this year. Im hoping that they will all be out of diapers by the end of the year! YEAH!!! (That'll save close to 200 dollars A MONTH!!) I also want to be completely off baby food (they still eat pureed veggies out of convenience for mom really.) I also need to work on getting them to drink out of a real cup and use utensils on their own. So many exciting things this year! My babies are so grown up.

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