Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Triple the tantrums... Triple the love....

This has been an pretty awesome week. My amazing grandparents came down to help me with the girls for the whole week! It was such a treat for me. I love those two people so very much. And my girls LOVED having them here. Charlotte sure loves her papa skip. Mamaw is such a rock star. She played with the girls and told me to go upstairs and do whatever I needed/wanted to. I felt like I was on vacation. Then she would clean up my kitchen after practically every meal. They both just worked so hard and enjoyed the girls so much.

This weekend was great too! Jared was able to take off at noon on Monday so we had sort of a 3 day weekend. The girls loved having daddy around so much. We went to the park and they played in the tennis courts (which is an awesome idea for triplet toddlers). I don't know whats going on with the girls lately at night though. They are just waking up all the time crying. Its a nightmare. Last night they were doing this until about 3 am. We were all exhausted today. I hope this is a very short phase that will be over by tonight.

I had to get rid of my afternoon help. I am so disappointed that it didn't work out. Its not her fault, she's a sweet girl. But as soon as she comes over the girls go crazy. They start whining and crying and hanging on to my legs. If I even stand up they run up to me and hang on. Its awful. So Im having her come over only when I want to take the girls out to the park or to run an errand. Sad. Im literally on my own now all day. Im also off verizon now. Jared switched me over to Boost Mobile since he will be on his work cell phone plan. I have a smart phone. I swore I would never get one but I have one... I hope I don't hate it. So far its not too bad.

Finally, my brother in law got engaged and is getting married March 9th. We are so excited for him! Jared will be flying up there for that and my once again wonderful grandparents will be coming down to help me with the girls. We really wanted our whole family to be able to go and thought of every possible option but its just too much. Too much in every way. I really hate that we cant go but we will be there in spirit and thought.

Well anyway thats the updates for the week. Here are so pictures to enjoy!

Love Hurts:

Bahaha Its a hug, not a tackle. I think.

Thats a sweeter hug. Awe...

Watching thier movie in their awesome chairs.

We love snuggle time with dad!

Abbi throwing down before church, never a good sign.

Mia Baby!

Charlotte loved her beautiful dress.

Our attempt at a group photo....

The popular hang out spot lately.

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  1. I feel really bad that having the helper girl over didn't work out. I hope the girls get out of their funk soon.

    Argh. I miss my girls. I am so coming to visit when this semester ends. It is happening.