Tuesday, January 24, 2012

done? or dumber?

Okay. Here's the question thats been on my mind... since the girls were born I guess. I get a lot of comments like "wow! You got your entire family in one swoop!" or "You're done now right?" mostly from strangers but still.

Three has always been my number. Three kids were good for me. I wanted 3 kids before 30, I got three kids at 25. So now the question is... do I take this 3 for 1 pregnancy and walk away? Or do I tempt fate (and any other powers at work) and try for a 4th, risking of course getting a 4th, 5th and possibly 6th child out of it?......

The problem with this question isn't the answer, its the frame of mind to get the answer. For example, this past week I've told Jared at least 4 times that our family is complete, completely complete. But thats mainly because the girls have been on terrors and my job has been nothing short of demeaning, excruciating and overwhelming. However, back when I had 24 hour help I was on the fence, considering the possibility of having more. So, do you make this decision when you're delirious with joy? or delirious with frustration? I've found that raising triplet toddlers doesn't lend for a middle ground. Im either on one end of the stick or the other....

I just turned 27 so I guess I still have a couple of years to flop back and forth on the issue. It will interesting to see if I happen to be deliriously happy or exhausted at the time of decision making. To be continued...


  1. This is SO me! Well, a little different, but very similar. I've always thought 3 was my number, but now I'm that we've got twins, I'm not sure I want "the twins" and the random caboose. So, I feel like I'm 'stuck' having 4. The thought of having 4 terrifies me. I'm not sure I want 4 and truthfully, most days I just want 2. I go back and forth on what to do as well, so I take that as my answer to give it time. Like...several more years. We've been given comments every now and then about having more kids and I just don't know! I don't know when it will happen or how many we'll have. It's a jumbled mess and the whole 'stupor of thought' phrase comes to mind, so for now, we're just stickin' with the two we've got. I think though, that once our girls (yours and mine) get more independent (i.e. can pee in a toilet, put on their own clothes, entertain themselves for more than 3 minutes, etc) it will be easier to embrace the idea of more kids. At least that's what I'm telling myself...

    If/and when we have more, I'm assuming we'll know when the time is right and as of now that faaaaar down the road. That is, if I have any say in the matter. ;)

  2. Watch, your next post is going to be, "surprise! We're pregnant!"

  3. You have lots and lots of time! Life is so much easier when they can communicate and are potty trained. Then it might be something you could handle. You'll make the right decisions and the Lord will bless you. I think it would be really fun for you to have a single baby. You wouldn't know what to do with yourself!!! Momma Toone

  4. Hello blog friend. I have a post very similar to this in my drafts. I always tell myself that when it no longer terrifies me to add to the family, only then will be make the decision. What makes me want more the most, is how easy having just one will be! What others might think is hard, adding another child, will be such a piece of cake to people like you and me. It makes me giddy thinking about doting over one little baby, and having three helpers too (cause hopefully they'll be old enough to help when the 4th comes along)! I'm sure you'll know when the time is right.