Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Girls are napping

I feel like Im always catching up with this thing. Im never on time. But I've got triplets so I guess that gives me an excuse. Thankfully, they are napping right now so Im taking this opportunity to catch up. Our Christmas holiday was awesome! I LOVED LOVED having my parents here for a little over a week. And the girls just loved it too. Yes I have tons of pictures and quite a few videos as well. I will get to those. But I want to write down some things first before I forget them.

Christmas like I said was great. We all got wonderful presents and ate tons of yummy food. We had my sisters family here for Christmas dinner which was wonderful. We all went to church that afternoon, came home and ate dinner, had a cute little Christmas program and then opened presents. It was crazy and hectic and full of people and I loved it. I love being with my family. The girls got awesome presents! They have been loving all their new toys.

After Maranda's family went back home we tried going to the Houston zoo AGAIN... last time it was so busy there literally was NO parking.... We thought, surely, this time will be different... UM NO! We drove around for 20 minutes looking for anywhere to park and nothing! I couldn't believe it. We drove 40 minutes AGAIN in Houston traffic for the dumb zoo and couldn't even park. I was so mad! I wont be trying that again. Hopefully soon I will live in a city that has an ASSESSABLE zoo!

Also, I lost one of my children for the very first time this past week. Whats crazy is there were at least 5 adults in the house so how in the world could we loose one?! I was in the kitchen doing something and came into the living room. Saw Charli... saw Mia... saw... wait... where's Abbi? i looked up quick and said "wheres my third one?" I remembered my dad had just gone out the front door and I panicked thinking she had slipped out without being seen. My dad went upstairs to look for her and I ran outside. I couldnt see her. I was relieved and even more panicked all at once. Then my dad yelled out, Shes up here! The scamp had gotten through the gate somehow and was in her room. Good grief. Give me a heart attack. I was so relieved she was ok but thinking about all the awful things that could have happened (toliet was up, fall down the stairs, outside in the street, ect) I thought I was going to break down. I realized I cant possibly watch 3 mobile toddlers every second of the day, not even with 5 adults to help me. From that day on "please watch and protect my girls when I cant see them" has been included in my daily prayers.

So other than that thankfully minor mishap, it was a great holiday. I loved having Jared home everyday and so did the girls. Im sad that its over now. Im by myself officially for the first time with the girls all day now. Yesterday went good but today is more difficult. I have a girl that comes from 3-6 in the evenings to help out but the girls didn't exactly warm up to her. Every time i would leave the room they would cry for me. Rough... Hopefully it will get better. Hopefully.

I will get to the pictures now and add more stories with those.


  1. Oh, scary. I'm glad Abby was all right. I hope they warm up to the new girl soon.

  2. There is nothing scarier than losing a child. Christopher used to disappear on us all the time. That is a wise prayer for a mother of triplets.
    Is the girl still coming? Is it getting better? Momma Toone