Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Like I said the girls really got tons of stuff. Little tykes picnic table, 3 tents, their very own chair with their names on them, Megalegos, puzzles, shoes, books and tons more. Blessed little girls!

Stockings ready for Christmas morning.

Awesome chairs. Thanks Mimi and Poppy!

The girls got 3 tents this year! HA! This is one that my sister in law Gwen actually made! Is she awesome or what?

They absolutely love their new table. They LOVE to sit in it.

Our attempt at a family photo. haha

My sis, mom, dad and me before church

Mimi, Poppy and all the grandkids.

All the grandchildren together.

A lady from our old ward back in alabama sent these Santa diapers for the girls! They were SO cute!! Thanks Sandy!!

tehehe I loved em!

Three little santas!

All bundled up for a walk with Mimi, Poppy and Sophie.

They love all the tents they got this year. Great for mom too!

And yes, this is what the majority of my living room looks like... Sigh... I want a house please.

Opening presents after the girls went to sleep Christmas Eve with Nattie!

Peek a boo Abbi and Nattie!

Shoes from mom and dad (i know, lame, but they really needed them and I knew the grandparents had the toy situation covered. haha)

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  1. Your sister looks so much like your mom!! amazing. I love the shoes you got the girls. It is a wise mother who lets her children enjoy whatever house they're living in and enjoy their toys. You'll have a house soon enough. And you'll be so excited and appreciate it!! Momma Toone