Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Morning On the Ranch

Our wonderful trip to Oil Ranch. I went there expecting a huge pumpkin orchard type place but I was wrong. It had a fairly small pumpkin patch with small pumpkins (but they were free with admission to the Ranch) and a few larger ones you could buy. But there was so many other things to do there like pony rides, hay rides, train rides, barn with animals, ect. The girls and Nattie had a great time and it was quite an adventure. I wish I had been more prepared but it turned out just fine.
 Nattie on her pony
 Abbi rode like a pro twice around the circle. She loved it. I was so surprised! I just knew she would be too scared to ride, but turns out it was Mia who was too scared to ride or even pet the ponies.

 Abbi loved it!
 Charli did great as well! She rode twice around and was as calm as anything.

 Look at her holding the saddle horn like a pro! So proud of my cowgirl!
 Time to take a picture on a really big tractor. Again, I was so surprised Abbi was freaking out about the huge tractor and even scarier scare crow in the background.
 Mia loved the big tractor. So proud of her!
 Charli was running over the whole place with that tractor in her mind I bet ya!
 This is Charli's "happy face"I asked her to make for the camera. BAHAHA! Im noticing that Im NEVER in any of my babies pictures and Im trying to remedy that as of now. How funny that Charli and I matched that day!
 We are ready for our train ride! Mia sat with Nattie, Abbi with daddy and Charli with momma.
 Hang on Abbi!

Charli lookin for a good pumpkin.
 Nattie found hers!
Daddy helping Abbi find a good one.
 Mommy posing with Mia!
And of course my beautiful Abbi with momma.


  1. Those beautiful, brave girls! And it's nice to see you in a few pictures, Ashlee. Good idea.

  2. You all look like it's hot there; especially the one of Charlotte alone. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your neice.