Saturday, October 13, 2012

Late night memories

I had quite a giggle about this today. My favorite "not funny at the moment but hilarious when you wake up"moment currently is this:

The other night two of the girls woke up screaming around two am. So Jared woke me up to help him. After staggering into the room and sluggishly getting them calmed and quiet and back to bed, we staggered back out of the room. In the hallway between the girls' room and our bedroom is one of those activity tables that lights up and sings songs, ect. Anyway, Jared walked right into that thing and accidently slammed it against the wall which of course caused it to break out with a freaking light show and the ABC song blaring. He grabbed it up as quick as his exhausted tuckes could manage and threw into our room. I just stood there in the dark hallway waiting for the outburst of screaming from the girls room, but.... nothing. Whew! Jared came back out into the hallway and said Ï hate that thing!"

At the time I was only completely grateful that it didnt wake up the girls and that I could go back to my cozy bed. But when I woke up and tried to remember what exactly happened that night I busted out laughing and still giggle about it thinking it through. It was pretty hilarious! One of those, wish I had a camera moment. Anyway, just thought I would share because, after all, funny things SHOULD be shared!