Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Tick o Teat? Tank Chu!"

The girls have been super excited about going to their "Costume Party" (Trunk or Treat) all week! They were happy to be Minnie Mouse but Mia was not sure about painting her nose black. HA!

Getting the girls ready! Hair is done, now its time to put on the dress!

 Checking out how gorgeous we look!
 Mia says Ï am soo adorable!"And shes right!

 Charli giving me her happy face!
 Charlotte loved her black nose! I waited until we got to the church to paint them because I assumed the girls would be messing with them the whole time. But Charlotte didn't even touch hers once.
 Mia sitting so still so momma can paint her nose black. I thought she would fight me about the nose but she was excited about it by this point and did great!
 Look at my nose daddy!
Abbi on the other hand completely wigged out. She did NOT want me to paint her nose. She kept saying It will hurt! Poor thing!
 I did the best I could but she wiped most of it off and I didn't want to put her through any more torture! haha
 Poor girl! Crying so hard!
 Mia found a friend from nursery (Charlotte) and a FUN game for her. They hung donuts on a line and you were supposed to eat it with no hands. But these two just grabbed it and shared it. HA!

 Most of the games were for older kids and it was pretty crazy inside, so we were all too ready to head outside for the trunk or treat part. The girls LOVED it! They said "Tick o Teat!"And then "Tank Chu"when they were given candy. So sweet my girls are!! SO polite!
 Momma wanted to get a picture with her Minnie MICE! HA! Here's Mia
 Momma and Charlotte (the flash is really bright so she squinted)
 Abbi not wanting a picture with me. She wants to check out her candy.
 Mia checking out her loot!
 This was the best picture we could get of all of them together. Mia is so ready for the camera every time. Those other two have other things on their minds. HA!
 I had to post this picture because in an attempt to get everyone to look at the camera I shouted "Pooh! Where's Pooh?!"(as in Whinnie the Pooh). Charlotte froze wide eyed, Mia looked behind her and Abbi was outta there! HAHAHA I just thought it was hilarious!
 And these pictures are so funny too. On the way home we let them hold their bags of candy. By the time we got home they had eaten through one sucker, one butterfinger, one box of Nerds, one reeces cup and one crunch bar. Without one peep or wrapper crackle (because they ate through the wrapper of course). I had no idea what was going on because Jared and I were chatting. I never dreamed they would start eating through the candy like mice (how appropriate for their costumes!).

I looked back there once and they were swapping candy with each other. It was so funny. Abbi would hand Charli a butterfinger and Charli would give her a sucker. No words were exchanged, just candy. Seriously, they didnt speak the entire way home. Now I know why!

Anyway, we had a great time and I know the girls had so much fun. Unfortuntely, their cheaply made costumes were completely shredded and unwearable so we wont be trick or treating this year on Halloween. All well. We had fun and have plenty of candy anyway. Next year though I hope I can just learn to sew a costume so I dont want 20 bucks a pop! AGH! Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Ash you look so pretty! Gorgeous momma!! And I loved your girls costumes, so adorable.

  2. Ahh! So cute. I love their costumes and their little black noses. Adorable.

  3. Your girls are precious! I love that they were all swiping and sharing candy! How cool is it to be a triplet?? Its like the new what the other wanted and gave it to them and took what they wanted! They were so cute as their little minnie mouses! The pictures of you are gorgeous by the way! You are one amazing triplet woman! I am always in awe and you always make me feel like I need to do better!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I also am delighted to see a picture of you, sweet Ashlee. So were they totally hopped up on candy? Did they sleep that night? They are the cutest minnie mouses I've ever seen! Grandma