Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crafts, homemade yummies and fun!

So after we picked out the perfect pumpkins it was time to decorate them on Saturday. I bought Halloween stickers, stick on eyes, felt sheets which I cut out Jack O latern parts, glue, and glitter for a toddler friendly activity. The girls loved it! So did mom.
Our fun stickers, ect!
Face shapes.
Mommy helping.
They had so much fun doing this project.
Abbi helping Mia, such a sweet helper.
Finished product.
Admiring our beautiful pumpkins.
 Next it was time to make our cotton ball ghosts. With a little Elmer's glue and free handed drawing from mommy, we had some sticky fun.
 Nattie hard at work.
Finished products!
Our next project was tracing some fun Halloween pictures that I drew (amaturely) with mini marshmellows. Good clean fun! Except Abbi just wanted to eat the marshmellows... HA! We ended up coloring the pictures after the hmmm supplies were all gone.

 Daddy helping his baby girls.
  Mia and Charli working hard, and Abbi.... eating the supplies... HA!
 Isnt that a gorgeous child!!

I think she had a good time! I hope so! Love you Nattie Boo!

I also made some yummy homemade donuts (from biscuits) which were a huge hit with everyone! YEAH! I made cinnamon sugar ones and glazed. The girls loved the donut holes. I loved my weekend with my sweet neice and awesome weather and my wonderful family. I have four videos to post but youtube is being a punk right now and wont let me. So that's to be continued! Happy Fall everyone!!

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  1. I am so amazed at all the fun things you do with your girls. They're so blessed to have you as their mother. We think you are wonderful!