Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun at our apt with Chris!

So, when chris got out to DC this summer he had a suggestion. It was something he'd recently done with Tyler and Ethan, and we took pics of it just for them!
This is for all you kids out there that want to build a big ole' fort in you living room and then watch movies in it!

Look at that cheeser!

Nice and stable! we had to add in a little tape to make sure everything stayed put.

I think this is a pic of the door.

Well a few weeks after that, and while Ashlee and I were hanging out at the apt we decided to rebuild the fort, and have a little fun of our own!!!

I was waiting on Ashlee to finish something up, so I was reading and waiting...

All in all the forts were fun!

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  1. The boys will be so excited to see that you guys were thinking of them!