Saturday, October 17, 2009


Its been a while since Ive blogged last. Things have been pretty busy lately. Plus I think about 3 people read this thing so its hard to get motivated to write. haha
Well we sold my jeep to a sales guy Jared worked with this summer. I was very sad and even cried for Ol' Blue Goose when I cleaned her out. But the money went to a worthy cause. We paid off Jared's Jeep Wrangler with the money so we are now 100% out of debt. Its a great feeling. I thought it would take longer cause we had quite a credit card bill lined up (live and learn) but Jared did so well this year selling. Im so proud of him.
Also, we are officially in Alabama now living with my parents. The weather has been rainy and pretty cold but I love it. Im back in the south and the humidity. Its great! We are basically just taken it easy until the end of February (when the summer begins for us...) Its super nice to be able to relax and have a change of scenery. Im still not pregnant. I was planning on spending my 4 months in Alabama recovering from early pregnancy sickness haha.... but I got to get pregnant to do that huh.... So we are still trying.
Mom bought a dog a couple months back. its a Maltese and a Shitzu. She named her Sophie. She is so cute but she bites the heck outta everyone. I will post some pics of her later. I finally found our camera cord to download pics to the computer so Jared will be posting those very shortly.


  1. THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE!!!! Just post for me if nothing else! I LOVE when people update!!! CONGRATS TO Y'ALL on being DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!! Can't wait to see your new RIDE!!! I didn't know your jeep was called ol blue goose! HAHAAHA!!! Where did THAT come from?!? GOOSE??! HAHAHA!!! Love it Ashlee!

  2. Your summer starts in February????? I bet you aren't missing Utah huh? Except for your awesome friends of course :P Way to go on being debt free!!

  3. I'm glad you guys are "home" - enjoy your family! And I'm glad when you update! I check all the time.