Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 15

What a crazy week its been already. So I haven't thrown up in a little bit but I still have the nausea so I know throwing up is NOT over yet. The newest development I am experiencing is being seriously light headed. Jared and I were taking a shower and all of a sudden I HAD to sit down, even that didn't help. I don't even think I rinsed off all the way, I had to get out of there so Jared practically had to carry me to the bed, soaking wet, to lay down. I was so close to blacking out. If Jared hadn't been there.... It happened again at church on Sunday. It just gets really hot and then I have no strength to hold up my head and I HAVE to lay down. So Jared and I sat in the foyer on the couch and listened to sacrament. From what I've read it seems all the blood my body is trying to make for the babies is taking a toll on me and this is how Im feeling it. Plus I am pretty stationary throughout the day and so when I try to shower (which just wears me out) or go somewhere like church it just catches up to me. Its no fun at all and scares me. What if it happens and Jared isn't there to literally keep me from hitting the floor. Very scary...
On a lighter note, the babies are getting bigger and my body is feeling it. This week they are the size of softballs and are weighing in over an ounce. Their bones are getting harder this week too so calcium is a must! I feel like I am having a little more energy but in spurts cause it goes away quickly. We've all been cracking down around here getting ready for the babies. It is just coming so quickly. Next week I will be 4 months along and that could really be half way for us. So much to do, so little time and money to do it! HA My stomach is still coming in around 37 inches though I feel like its sticking out more. Friday will make week 16 and Tuesday is our next doctors visit so we are excited to see if the sexes can be determined. All that and more coming next time!
P.S. Its snowing like mad out here in Alabama! What the heck! Im so sick of this global warming mess!! (That was a sarcastic joke, for those of you who AREN'T forced to watch Fox News day in and day out!) I think I would LOVE to live in Hawaii!


  1. Snow? In the south?? We dont' even have snow up here right now... ha ha how's that for irony? Well we do have it in the mountains of course but not on the ground... for now...

    I'm sorry you're feeling sick - take care of yourself and get plenty of iron, calcium and rest! I'm so excited to hear their sexes!

  2. Cali, we love that you're like the only person to ever comment on here. Thanks! Makes it funner for Ashlee...