Wednesday, March 10, 2010

False Alarm

I think most of you know that I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor today. I woke up about 9 am cramping really bad. It felt just like I was on my period with the cramps but pretty intense. I ate breakfast and tried to wait it out to see if it was just from sleeping funky or what. About ten thirty there was no change so we called nurse Kathy from Humana and she said it could be dehydration so to drink lots of water and give it a couple of hours. I did that and got some relief until I would go to the restroom. That would start the cramping up full throttle. I texted my mom about being in pain and she INSISTED I call the doctor. So about one thirty I called and they said to get up here immediately.
It was pretty scary for Jared and myself and everyone else for that matter. They were all so worried it was pre-term labor and I would need to be admitted, ect. I didn't think thats what it was but I knew SOMETHING wasn't right because I was in so much pain. They examined me and did ultrasounds.... turns out I have kidney stones. The babies are fine, my cervix (sorry if thats too vulgar) is perfect and everyone is fine. The doc sent me home with percocet and told me to just wait it out. We were all very relieved and so grateful the girls are not trying to make a break for it just yet.
So Im waiting it out. Im refusing the freakin narcotics they are trying to feed my girls but I am in a lot of pain. Daddy and Jared gave me a blessing and I am just taking it very easy. Im not sure how long it will take to pass but its hard to be mad about the pain when my girls are doing so well. Thank you all for the prayers! Faith is greater in numbers I believe! We love you all and will keep you posted!


  1. Glad to know it's nothing too bad. Well, I guess kidney stones would hurt quite a bit...
    Glad you're doing well little sister!

  2. Ashlee! I'm so sorry to hear about the kidney stones...I've heard they can be extremely painful!! :-( I'm so glad the girls are ok though!

    You know my number, so call if you need ANYTHING! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you guys!

  3. Bless your heart and your kidneys!! I'm glad the babies are still incubating along as they should, but I'm so sorry about the kidney stones! They are ZERO fun. Let me know if you need anything.

  4. I just have to comment and give everyone a bit more of an update, I've heard kidney stones are pretty painful, but Ashlee is so tough! She hasn't whined once, and today she got herself all dressed up and looking really good and I took her out to get some lunch and to pick up Sophie from the groomers.
    She won't take painkillers cause she wants to provide the best she can for the triplets, and she doesn't even act like she's in pain, she's that tough!

    I sure do love her!

  5. Okay, so you totally made me cry. I love how you're calling them "my girls". And I love the note Jared put. You're a tough cookie Ashlee!! Yay for being so tough and doing what's best for your babies and not taking the easy way out!

  6. I totally agree with Gwen, the way you are already getting so protective of 'your girls' is beyond sweet. Love you babe! Hang in there! Jar- you are a good daddy and hubby! Love you too. =)

  7. wow!!! what a story!!! you are super tough!! So exciting about ALL girls!!! I LOVE having a girl.... they are so much easier as babies.... and so fun to dress up!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  8. I still can't believe my 'lil sister is PREGO....I mean I can, but seeing the pics makes it real...I can remember when we were kids and you said "I"m not EVER having kids" to much pain...And I said one day you'll change your mind...Now we get blessed with 3! Keep up the updates the kids and I love seeing the pics.