Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 18

This is one side of the room dividers. They are so cool (and were my idea! hehe)
Our beautiful cribs that Jared's parents are paying for (Thank you guys SO much!) We dont have mattresses or bedding YET! Its coming soon!

Its been hard to think about much else besides our government taking over the nation with this ridiculous health care crap this week. I don't want to spend the bulk of this post ranting about that even though I could. I just want to say "Pray for this nation!" cause this is NOT a good thing and with three baby girls coming soon I am worried about what quality of health care I can expect them to have. Its scary and so frustrating that there's not a thing I can do about it. AGH!
Enough on that. I think most of you know that Jared and I have named our girls. My side of the family and friends have been very pushy about naming them, so Jared and I really buckled down to get it done. (Thank you Toones for being so laid back about it!) So we have Gabrielle Mia, Abigail Riley, and Isabel Charlotte. We haven't narrowed down the nicknames yet since there are so many options. We both hate Gabby though so thats not an option. We both love Gia for Gabrielle. And I like Abby and Belle for the other two. But Jared likes Riley and Charly. So we aren't sure what will "feel the best." That part can wait till they get here. We also haven't assigned the names to a specific girl yet; Jared wants to actually see them first which I understand. We both wanted names that were unified together, but that provided nicknames that could be completely different from each other. I wanted to create a "team" feeling for them, but also an outlet to be an individual. So we both love our names and cant wait to apply them to faces!
This weekend I am heading to Texas with my mom and Jared for my first baby shower! I am so excited to see everyone and really get into the "fun" stuff about pregnancy! Thanks to my sis for working so hard to put everything together! She's the greatest! Thank goodness she has help though too. We had to plan the shower earlier rather than later due to things like bedrest, ect that could come up.
I've had a really good week so far. Not a lot of cramping and no kidney stones! We have two of the cribs set up in the nursery and part of the room dividers up. Since the nursery was originally the formal dining room we decided to put up a track system with curtains to divide it from the living room for privacy. It will look so great when we get finished. We have my nursing chair ordered and shutters for the windows ordered as well. Just a few things here and there and we will be in business. Yes I said NURSING CHAIR! I am 1000% dedicated to breast feeding my girls. It will be close to impossible, I know. But it is more than worth the effort to give it a shot at the very least. I live with my parents and help will always be around so MY main job will just be that. So please know that I understand it will be hard, which means I will need lots of encouragement not trepidation.
Until week 19...


  1. A well motivated woman! I know you are excited to welcome your 3 beauties into your home!

  2. We love the names! I'm excited to get to meet these three baby girls!!! Also, you may want to figure out some type of system for keeping them identified until you learn their slight differences and can tell them apart. If you come up with a specific color or something for each girl I can start gearing my fun crafty-ness towards that. I've heard of picking a toenail polish color for each one which would work.

    Anyway... I think that if Heavenly Father blessed you with 3 babies he'll bless your body to be able to provide nourishment for 3 babies. It'll definitely be difficult and you may have to supplement but as long as they're getting momma's milk then things will be good!

  3. Love the names!! I like the reasons you chose them, too. Hah- don't get me started on health care...Good for you! It's so good for babies to get their mama's milk! Good luck! Wish I could be in TX for the shower:(

  4. We hope you have a wonderful time in Texas. You are blessed with wonderful family! We're so proud of you two and the wonderful parents you already are. I love that you're going to nurse your babies. I absolutely loved nursing mine. It's very bonding. Also it was much easier for me to pull the baby into bed and let it nurse while I semi-slept rather than get up and make a bottle. I loved staring into their eyes and falling in love with them as they nursed. It's very fulfilling to a woman. I'm proud of you! We love the names! Mom and Dad Toone