Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 19

Im a little late in the week with this post. On Friday I will be 20 weeks already, so sorry about that. A lot has happened this week and I wanted to wait till all was done before posting. First of all, this weekend mom, Jared and I drove down to Texas for my first baby shower! Let me tell you... ten hours in a truck was not my idea of fun! But after that, it was a great weekend! The party was so much fun and oh so beautiful. When Jared and I were trying to get pregnant, I wanted the baby's color to be tangerine/sherbet. When we heard we were having three I thought I would have to pick more colors but Maranda, my sis who put the shower on for me, indulged my wishes and went with the tangerine. Thanks Ran!! I just hate cliche colors like pink and blue. So boring. And they say orange is the "friendliest" color! hehe Back to the shower.... the food was so yummy!! We had these amazing sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls with a mustard glaze! Oh so good! Plus strawberries with cream cheese and toasted coconut. Also the usual veggie tray, chips/dip and a yummy chocolate cake. So lots of good food! Then I was able to open up the girls' gifts. We really got such cute stuff. We also played a couple of games after that, like guess the baby food by smelling it (almost barfed! haha). Jared was the only guy there, of course, so he was the camera man. Took over 200 pics! haha I will post those next. All in all it was a wonderful party! I was able to visit with friends I hadn't seen since high school and see my family. It was a blast! Thanks Ran for all the hard work! The girls and I SO appreciate it.
Today I had my doctors appointment. Last week I forgot to mention that Jared got a job! He is selling cars here in Huntsville and I am SO grateful that he didn't have to go to Virginia. That would have been so hard for me but it ended up working out. However, he wasn't able to come to the doctor with me today because of work so my mom and dad came with me instead. Today they did the "anatomy ultrasound." She basically went through each child and measured every single thing one by one (ex. Kidneys, Heart, Arms, Legs, Brain, Head, ect). And the girls did NOT make it easy for her either. They were moving all around and wouldn't stay still! haha I had to lie on my back for over an hour and I was SO uncomfortable. Even got light headed a few times. Baby A was yawning and they all were kicking like horses! haha It was such a trip to watch and the grandparents really enjoyed it too. Jared was going crazy because he wasn't able to be there. Poor guy! But I gave him the full report as soon as he got home. He is working on uploading the DVD from the ultrasound but it will be VERY long. Just a warning. Anyway, all the babies are doing great. Growing at the same rate and everything looks wonderful so far. My doctor is very pleased. I requested bloodwork today to make sure my thyroid is still working properly. And they gave me that orange drink for my next appointment to do the diabetes test. So fun stuff! haha I cant believe I only have 3 to 3 1/2 months left and then they will be here! Its gone so fast. This week was also a precursor to how the next few months will be. Meaning, I am having a harder time getting comfortable. My ribs are always sore. I got a charly horse in my calf last night and thought I was dying! haha Not really but it was OH so painful.
Well pics to come next and more updates later. Im sure I forgot something so keep you all posted! Love you all!!!


  1. Hey congrats! I'm so glad Jared got a job and close to home too! Glad to hear everything is coming along well.

  2. Glad my nieces are growing nicely....I hate that its hard for you to get comfortable. And I'm praying that this job goes well for Jared.

  3. ash! wish i could have been at the shower!!
    i KNOW what you mean about charlie horses in your calf! i ALWAYS got those when i was pregnant!! they are NOT fun! glad to hear the babies are healthy and jared got a job!! :) woohoo!

  4. Congrats on the job Jared! I bet you'll do great at that. I'm glad to see everything is going well with the babies and mom!

  5. I'm glad that you had a good time at your shower. I hope you make it through the next 3 1/2 months with as little discomfort as possible!