Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 17

That is Sophie on my leg wanting me to pick her up! haha she's just like a little baby! So FREAKIN' cute!!

Well we have had a big week already. What with finding out they are all girls and the kidney stones, lots of things going on. As an update the kidney stones are fine now. I have passed them. We did some research and believe it was caused by all the Tums Im eating now to supplement my calcium intake. So Im now taking some in the morning and some at night, whereas I was just taking them all at night. Jared thinks that it might help to break it up.
Everyone has been asking me about names! names! names! lately. I guess now that I know they are girls, the next day I should know what all the names should be. Well Im sorry but we dont have names just yet. But I promise Jared and I are diligently working on them. Its hard though, 3 girls names is tough to agree on. So give us some time and we will let everyone know ASAP.
Also this week I was able to feel the babies move! It was so strange the first time. I was more than half asleep and not feeling great anyway, then I felt that flutter feeling and it made me a little nauseous. When I woke up I thought "That was my baby moving!!!" The next day I felt another one move and now I feel someone about once a day on average. It feels just like butterflies. Awesome. "Outside people" cant feel them just yet but they are all pretty active so it wont be too much longer. When I went to the doc for the kidney stones, they did an ultrasound and baby A's hand was raised and she was jumping up and down. Looked like she was saying "Look at me! Take MY picture!" haha we all thought it was pretty funny. They are a silly bunch of girls already! Sophie, my parents dog, likes to lay her head right on my belly so sometimes I think maybe she can feel or "sense" them. Its really cute.
We got the cribs ordered and on their way. We choose the Da Vinci Emily convertible crib (3 of them actually) if you want to see a pic just google it. I don't know how to attach a pic from a website on here. Sorry. We are really pushing to get the nursery ready. My shower is in a couple of weeks and Im so excited to see my family and friends! Plus, Im getting bigger. haha its funny. I keep forgetting to take pics when Im dressed cute, so I will try real hard this week to do that. My next appointment is March 31st. We are at every 3 week appointments now, so good times for the wallet. They will be doing the anatomy ultrasound which is pretty thorough to make sure EVERYONE is growing how they should be.
I think thats about it for this week. We are all working like bees to get ready for the babies and the company that will follow. Anyone wanting to visit the girls and provide some service, feel free!!! Friends and family, come one come all! haha I feel we will need it!


  1. I have the perfect names for the girls...




    Miney . . .

    Later on after you have recouperated and the girls are older, you can decide about having Mo' . . .

  2. HI!
    Gwen today bookmarked your blog. Now I can find it! It's SO cute! Is the pink for the girls? Ashlee, you look tiny and so cute! I'm amazed how together you are. I think it's great you're already getting ready. Very smart.
    Dad got a job remodeling a house and needs to be finished by April 1. That's a blessing. We love you! Mom and Dad

  3. You are looking so dang cute!!!! I am so glad the babies are ok, and you are feeling better!!!