Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bath Time!!

They let us give the girls baths today. I love bath time. Its so great. Some of you were wanting pictures with something else in the picture to scale how small the girls are. Well here they are....

Here is Mia! My gorgeous Mia Rebecca! So adorable....
Mia naked! hehe Look how her small hand wrapped around her grandpa's. Awe...
Miss Charlotte Cynthia. She is completely off her oxygen and is doing so well. She's eating more than her sister's are at this point and can really suck her pacie so I have high hopes for her on the breast.
Look how small Charlotte is compared to her daddy's arm.... and shes my BIG girl. When we gave the girl's their baths last time, Abigail went first and she cried and cried the first few minutes. So I came up with the idea to put our arms on either side of them to cradle/support them and have some skin to skin contact. She loved it and didn't cry anymore. So we tried it on the other girls and they love it! No more tears.
Charlotte getting a diaper change.
Charlotte smiling cause her momma is getting her sugar, the picture just doesn't show me doing it... I cant get enough of them.
Charlotte and her daddy.
Little Abigail getting scrubbed down.
Daddy washing Abigail's hair. You can see she's about the length of my forearm.
Abigail's little feet. She has the cutest chicken legs! haha
Abigail loves to touch her face. She can wiggle out of any swaddle so she can have her hands next to her face. I love it!
She was looking up at momma. I was singing to her to keep her calm.


  1. I love it!!! I can't believe how tiny they are! Especially next to my dad's huge hands. WOW!!

  2. I can't wait to get a good hold of snuggle them gently.....Hopefully soon...I told you that music does wonders...So keep singing!

  3. They are so tiny! Amazing. You are such a cute momma.

  4. What precious little faces!! They are so beautiful and I'm glad you are getting to snuggle them now. Bless their little hearts (and yours too!), they need to have those smoochy times to help them gain strength. Sometimes the medical folks are a bit too clinical and forget that...