Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just a quick update on my girls:

Jared and I are at the hospital every single day with the girls. We usually go between 3-6 and get to feed them, change them and take their temperatures. It is torture only being there a few hours every day and only getting to handle them for a little bit.

We are making great progress though. Babies always loose weight a few days after birth. My girls are all now back up to their birth weight and little Abigail is even two ounces over her birth weight. Abigail and Mia are getting bottles every third feeding and working their way up. They are spitting up the bottle every now and then so thats why they aren't taking more bottles right now. But they are still gaining weight really well so they are still on track as of now. Charlotte, on the other hand, is doing great with the bottles so the doctor told us today that they are going to give her ALL bottles and see how she does with it. Which is GREAT news. Once she can take all bottles they will move her to a crib for 48 hours to make sure she can control her body temperature and then she can come home!! We think she will be able to come home by the end of the week!!! The doctor said the other two should be ready next week! This is such great news for us and we are so excited to finally get our girls home.

I was able to try to breast feed Charlotte yesterday and she was such a pro at it. She was doing really well with it for a good 20-25 minutes and then got tired so we gave her a bottle for the rest of her feeding. But it was so awesome to be able to do that with her and see how much she is progressing. We tried again today and she wasn't as successful but its because she was SO hungry that she didn't want to do it the "hard" way. haha she wanted her easy, fast bottle. I don't blame her. So we will try again tomorrow. Anyway, just a quick update for you. We are so ready for them to come home. Next week could NOT come fast enough for this momma and daddy.


  1. That is great news Ashlee! I'm excited you guys will get to bring them home soon.

  2. So good to hear that everything is going well! I can't wait 'til you can have them ALL home!!