Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whats that smell?

We have completely weened Charlotte from her binkie. Mia and Abi had theirs gone by 6 months but Charlotte seemed to need it a little longer. However, its now gone and we are binkie free! Good times!

We also added asparagus to our diet. The girls tried it and of course loved it. HA! These girls will eat anything. The cookbook even said, "Try Asparagus alone first, but feel free to add a fruit if your child still wont eat it." Well didn't have to do that. They LOVE their fruits and veggies. Im a proud momma! However, their diapers have recently had an unbearable odor from the asparagus. For anyone who's eaten it before, you know it gives your urine...... a smell. And not a good one. The fumes coming off these wet diapers rival the poopy ones and for this reason, we will be giving asparagus out sparingly. Its pretty gross smelling.

And finally, Gwen is in the hospital right now in labor with her third baby and first daughter. We are very excited to see this little bundle and are praying for a safe arrival and recovery! Hang in there Gwen!! *Updates on this later!*

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