Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cindy's visit

So I again didn't get a ton of photos of Cindy with the girls. But these two are jewels. The girls love their grandma and we always enjoy her visit. She was able to stay for a week and will be back in November for another visit.

One of the girls' video teaching about sounds. And they love the part where it sings "Da Da Da Da..." You can kinda hear it when I say it. The girls go around saying da da da da and its too cute.

The girls are starting to play ball and its too cute. Abbi was really getting into this day and so we had to video it.

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  1. I love getting to see your three beautiful girls, my beautiful girl, handsome son and incredible daughter in law! Thanks for letting me come see you guys. I'm excited to see you all again soon. Love, grandma