Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mimi's visit

While Mimi was here the girls had their very first park experience. (I know I am totally lame). But honestly, it has been so bloody hot here I haven't wanted to take the girls out in the heat. But we got some rain this weekend so it was actually pretty perfect. The girls LOVED it and they were the only ones there so that made it much more fun! They climbed through the tunnels, down the slides (with our help) and went on the swings. Charlotte would go limp as soon as she was in the swing. It was hilarious. Her arms and head would just dangle. HA! That girl is crazy. They all were just squealing with delight.

After the park we were able to borrow my neighbors entrance card into the community splash pad. Once again, we were the only ones there so the girls could run around and just enjoy it. Oh my goodness they just LOVED it! Charlotte was FEARLESS! She was the first one to just run through every fountain. Mia followed behind and Abbi was much more apprehensive. She needed some encouragement. But she loved it too.

Video Time:
Mimi playing patty cake with the girls.

Having fun at the splash pad.

The girls LOVED the music to Rio. They were dancing up a storm. This was the next day so they weren't dancing AS much. But its still so cute.

Im so sad my girls wont eat avocado anymore. But they wont. Mia was making the funniest face when Mimi was trying to feed it to her so we HAD to video it.

Picture Overload:
Abbi being unsure about it.

Charli is so brave and fearless.

The girls loved being in the fountains. They had so much fun.

Mia is in the purple, Abbi in the pink. Look at those thighs!! tehehe LOVE THEM!

Mia walks with her arms up like this cause she's still not steady on her feet. I love it! Its precious.

Enjoying the water.

Abbi wants her daddy's help!

Mia is in yellow. Abbi in the orange.

Playing with our sisters.

Mia's gonna get you.

Charlotte in the green.

Mimi and Abbi

Yeah mom! THis is AWESOME!!

Beautiful Abbi

Im surfin'

They just go limp. It was hilarious.

Go Abigail!

YEAH Charlotte!

Wahoo Mia!

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  1. Yay for blogs! Now I get to see the avacado incident, even though I wasn't there. :D