Sunday, October 23, 2011

Splash pad

We were able to go to the splash pad last Saturday with Jared and the girls once again LOVED it! They are so cute in their swim suits and just tottering around. I love these girls and i love to see them having so much fun.

Mia's running for her daddy!

Brave Charlotte. She loves going through the "scariest" looking fountains.

All aboard!

Charlotte, my little engineer.

Hold it! I wasn't ready!

All my ducks in a row. Abbi in lead, then Mia, and then Charli.

Mother Hen gathering her chicks. (thats how I feel all day seriously)

Whoa! That was close!

Family photo!

Under the sprinkler with daddy

When in doubt call for daddy! (Abbi is doing the "sign" for daddy)

Every man (woman/baby) is an island.

Abbi getting her nerve. haha

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