Sunday, October 23, 2011

Helping out the Boss

Sharing our toys

Abbi contemplating stealing that purple ring back.

Me in the back giving Hudson a puppet show. I think he enjoyed it! TEHEHE
Hudson LOVED this leapster toy. Christmas present idea Karlee!

Oh Dear! He found Charlotte's fort!

Sweet little guy.

So Jared's boss happens to live just three doors down from us, which is quite convenient (hopefully for both of us) in case I need random things and vise versa. Karlee, boss' wife, went out of town for a week and left Kent, boss man, alone with 2 kiddos. Brave girl. Anyway, we had the pleasure of watching little Hudson for a couple of hours so Kent could do some work stuff. The girls actually handled everything pretty well. Abbi was a little jealous when he would play with her toys but mostly just curious. We got some great photos of the sweet guy enjoying himself with all the ladies. tehehehe (future arranged marriage?.... possibly!)


  1. I still can't believe you took on my little man NOR can I believe Kent even ASKED!!! You are super woman...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Looks like the little guy had a BLAST which I wouldn't doubt with all the new fun toys...and the fun fort (not surprised he did that by the way knowing his busy body).

  2. I miss those girls!!! They are so adorable! Thanks for sharing. Gwen showed us the new pictures on face book - we can hardly wait to see more. Love you, mom and dad Toone