Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greats are great!

We were incredibly blessed this week with a visit from my grandparents and my great aunt Lavoice and great uncle Dean. They drove all the way from Utah to New Boston to Houston to see these girls. We were honored to have them here and enjoyed every second.

Charlotte recognized Papa Skip right away. She reached out for him and it was so sweet. The other two warmed up pretty quickly as well. They loved all the attention they were getting from all the sweet grandparent kisses. Thank you so much you guys for driving out here to visit our girls!! We love you!

Mamaw Peg with Abbi

Uncle Dean with Mia

Enjoying the great grandparents.

Uncle Dean with Charlotte

Abbi getting Uncle Dean's nose and Charlotte checking out Papa Skips' camera.

Abbi and Uncle Dean

Abbi teaching Papa Skip how to sign "Daddy" haha

Papa Skip reading to Abbi

Papa Skip getting a book for Charli

Aunt Lavoice playing with Charlotte

Getting Charli loving

Awe... Aunt Lavoice and Charlotte

Aunt Lavoice getting Abbi loving

Reading to Charlotte

Getting loving from Mia

Here's a video of play time with everyone. Its pretty boring unless you know the people in it.


  1. super JEALOUS! i STILL cant believe i havent seen them. who knows WHEN it will EVER be :(

  2. That is the cutest! LOL at all Dean's questions.